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Chancel Repair Liability Search

Pinpoint Chancel is a Chancel Repair Liability Search Report for residential and commercial properties, designed to indentify Historical Parishes where a continuing Chancel Liability exists. It has been purpose built around data sourced from historical parish, tithe district and enclosures and National Archive records which have been interpreted and analysed by a leading UK University.
    • A Residential search costs £16.31 (Inc of Vat)
    • A Commercial search costs £25.46 (Inc of Vat)
    • Where a search identifies a residential or commercial property as being in a parish with no potential liability then Aviva will provide a 25 year successor in title Peace of Mind policy covering the property for up to £3million liability against a potential claim (subject to the value of property being below £2million and less than 5 acres for residential and 3 acres for commercial).
    • The insurance is provided by Aviva Insurance the country's leading insurer.
    • All Policies are valid for 25 years and can be passed to subsequent owners. 
    • Where potential liability is identified a residential property, less than 5 acres, can be insured for up to £1,000,000 for £43.33 or up to £2,000,000 for £115.50 (inc of IPT fees and VAT).
    • Where potential liability is identified, a commercial property can be insured from as little as £94.64 (inc of IPT, fees and VAT) for £250,000, for properties up to £250,000 in value and less than 3 acres
    • Higher Commercial Sums Insured and larger area available
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